About Us!

Kashmir Student Update has been officially recognized by the Government of India’s Ministry of MSME as an educational support service. The website has been assigned the registration number UDYAM-JK-15-0000629.

Kashmir Student Update is a one-stop destination for students in Jammu & Kashmir looking for academic help, career advice, and the latest news on education, technology, business, sports, and more. The website provides a wealth of resources to help students improve their academic performance and advance their career prospects, while also keeping them informed about the latest happenings in various fields.

KSU takes the sole responsibility of all the information disseminated by or on account of its social assets guarantees courtesy to those third party disseminating units from whom our information is extracted, re- produced re-disseminated

Yasir Shakoor is the Founder & CEO of Kashmir Student Update. He is dedicated to supporting the educational welfare of students in Jammu & Kashmir.

Kashmir Student Update is supported by a team of 13 members, who are all committed to achieving the website’s mission of promoting educational welfare in Jammu & Kashmir. The team includes individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, such as content writers, editors, developers, and social media managers.

The 13 positions within the team of Kashmir Student Update are:

Founder and CEO
Content Writer
Web Developer
Graphic Designer
Social Media Manager
Digital Marketing Manager
Data Analyst
Video Editor
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
Research Analyst
Outreach Coordinator
Public Relations (PR) Manager.

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