PSAJK Urges Govt for Early Winter Breaks for School Children

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The Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has urged the government to swiftly announce winter holidays for schools, especially for younger students, due to the difficult conditions caused by sub-zero temperatures and dense fog.

PSAJK highlighted the concerns raised by both parents and schools regarding the harsh weather conditions. A spokesperson from PSAJK underscored the challenges faced by young children in getting ready for school early in the morning, considering the lack of centralized heating in homes, buses, and schools. The spokesperson emphasized the importance of adapting to the weather, particularly in their context, unlike in more developed nations.

“Parents also struggle to prepare their children for school in these conditions,” the spokesperson remarked.

The Association expressed worries about the adverse effects of extreme fog and low temperatures on children’s health. Moreover, the foggy conditions make it hard for students to concentrate during classes, impacting the effectiveness of educational efforts.

“To safeguard the well-being of our children, we urge the government to declare winter vacations as soon as possible,” the spokesperson insisted.

PSAJK reiterated its plea for aligning the academic calendar with local temperatures, highlighting the impracticality of the current March session in Kashmir. The spokesperson explained that schools usually finish their syllabus by November, and severe winters make the March session unproductive, leaving students unsure whether to revise old lessons or proceed with new class material.

The Association stressed the necessity of adjusting Kashmir’s academic calendar according to local weather conditions and proposed returning to the previous calendar.

“The challenges posed by the March session need to be addressed to prevent further issues. Transitioning to the October session, as practiced in regions with severe winters, is a viable solution,” the spokesperson added.

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