Bank Revises Charges: Big News! Bank revises charges on Fund transfer to Cheque return including 9 services, New charges details here

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If your account is also in Canara Bank, then this news is useful for you. Yes, Canara Bank has changed the fees charged for its nine facilities on the occasion of New Year. However, the new rates implemented by the bank will be implemented from February 3. Canara Bank customers will now have to pay new charges for Cheque return, ECS debit return, ATM money transaction, fund transfer, internet-mobile banking, online fund transfer, name change and address change.

9 Change in the fee charged for the service

According to the information given on the website of Canara Bank, the fee charged for 9 services has been changed. If the Cheque is returned by the bank due to technical reasons, then no charge is taken from the customer. After any change, a charge of Rs 200 will have to be paid for a Cheque of less than Rs 1000. For the amount between Rs 1000 to Rs 10 lakh, this fee will be Rs 300.

Balance will have to be maintained according to the area

Changes have also been made regarding the maintenance of minimum balance in the account from the side of the bank. Failure to maintain minimum balance will attract penalty. The minimum balance limit is Rs.500 for rural areas and Rs.1000 for semi-urban areas. Similarly, for urban / metro, the minimum amount limit is Rs 2000. The bank has decided to impose penalty ranging from Rs 25 to Rs 45 and GST depending on different areas for not maintaining this amount.

Rs 100 and GST on deletion or addition of name

Charges will also have to be paid for adding or deleting someone’s name in the bank account. Rs 100 and GST will be charged for adding or removing any name. This fee will be applicable only for applying through the window. No fee will be charged in online mode. If the joint account holder dies, then no fee will have to be paid for deleting his name. Fees will also have to be paid for changing mobile number, e-mail and address etc. What kind of fee will not have to be paid for withdrawing money from ATM up to four times in a month. After this, GST will have to be paid along with Rs 5 on every transaction.

Changes in the charges for these services

  • Cheque return
  • ECS Debit Return
  • Minimum balance
  • Ledger folio
  • Internet and Mobile Banking Services
  • Online fund transfer
  • ATM transaction

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