JKSSB Sub Inspector Exam Shift 1 & 2 Review, Some Important Questions

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Paper Pattern: Easy to Moderate

1. Highest peak of western ghats

2. Prithvi Raj chauhan belongs to which dynasty.

3. Which is the lowest level of Panchayati Raj System (MGNREGA)

4. Hosyala dynasty

5 National games held,

Eristole 4 statement choose correct,

1.Natinal games are organised in which state.
2.Hemophila caused due to which Chromosome.
3.gold coins are issued by which ruler
3.who founded slave dynasty.
4.who is the founder of hoysala dynasty.
5.when was licencing of industries started in India.
6.who appointed governor.
7 partition of Bengal during the time of .
8 do or die slogan.
9.Gender gap index of 2021


Current 18-20 Questions
Science 15-16
Reorg act 2
Com skills 3
Modern history 5
Medival 2
Ancient 3
Computer 9
Polity 3
Geography 8
Evs 6
Economy 8
Maths 10
Reasoning 13

Second SHIFT Review
Pattern: Easy to Moderate


SCO 2022
Gandhara art
Ncm movment
INC first president
Handcuffs kya hoti hai
National emergency article
Article 32
Area wise biggest state

Peechi wildlife sanctuary
Strength to council of ministers of lok sabha
Citizenship act year
Nagarjuna dam river
River origate from amarkantak
Theme of digital india week 2022
Number of maharatns in india
Tenure of ut legislative section
Ut jk budget section
Ethonic acid
Antibodies secret by which cell
Ozone layer present in layer
Eskers drumlin landforms
UPS ki fullform
Cntrl paste shortcut
Electric circuit
Inversion of temperature
Barometer use
Biomass pyramid
Hangul status
FDI in LPg refroms
Date of salt satyagraha
Best documentary movies winner of Oscar
Director of UNHRC
Currency headquarters of RBI
IF 1111 =T
THEN 5555 =

Age baesd 2 qstn
Blood relation 2
Profit loss 2
Number series 2
Missing no 2
Jumble sentence 1
Error 1.
Syllogism 1
Codes 2
Current affairs 25 27 questions.
Delhi govt schemes
Kamon literature festival
Gujrat based questions 3
Questions of energy organization
Niti ayoug index
Data interpretation 2 questions
If a shopkeeper sell 200 bulbs of rs 10 each
50 are defective rest sold at 12 per bulb find profit loss
Average based questions 1
Dice question 1
Data sufficiency 3 questions
World geography 2 questions
Match the following 4 questions
Tree habitat
Mountain location
Lakes state
Communication 6,7 questions.

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