Monthly Charge of Rs. 660/- for Twitter Blue Tick, Here’s How To Get it

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Information leaked yesterday that as a step towards identifying authorized owners of Twitter Accounts the Blue Tick ID needs to be taken to avoid duplicate opened under the names of celebrities and that a monthly charge of Rs. 1600/- was to be imposed.

In this situation, Twitter’s New Owner, Elon Musk, has announced that a monthly charge of Rs. 660/- (8 US $) for the Blue Tick owners.

It may be recalled that Elon Musk took ownership of Twitter after months of struggle, and has taken the certain immediate sensational decision to renovate the social network medium as soon as owning Twitter!

As such, information is gathered that increasing the number of customers is the main objective, charging the Blue Tick which gives an exclusive identity to the Twitter Account Holder, and imposing a monthly charge of Rs. 1600/-!

In this situation, Elon Musk has now categorically announced that a monthly payment of Rs. 600/- (US $ 8) will be charged for the Blue Tick Holder and there will be no other charges.

In a note of registration regarding this, he mentioned:

“To confirm the identity of the Twitter Account Holder, a monthly charge of Rs. 660 (US $ 8) and these Blue Tick Holders will be accorded priority for answers, notes and searches. Further, a facility will be given for longer audio and video clips and only half the advertisements will be displayed on these accounts. This Blue Tick Monthly Charge will vary from country to country!

The revenue earned through this Blue Tick Holders charge will be distributed to those who help this social networking medium to provide quality service with good content!

Presently, there are no charges for the Blue Tick hollers! With additional documents, all users MUST FILL UP THE VERIFICATION FORM PROVIDED BY Twitter! These documents will be verified by a special committee and feedback will be given whether approved or not!

Elon Musk is yet to announce the Date when this above charge will come into effect for the Blue Tick holders! Further, it has not been officially confirmed whether all facilities will be given to those Blue Tick Holders who pay!

As soon as taking over Twitter, Elon Musk has been bringing out a lot of changes and removed some of the high-level officials including Parag Agarwal, Vijaya Grade, Ned Segal and some others! Further, it is notable that Ghade was the Legal and Policy Head for several years!

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