Jio vs Airtel vs Vi: Best value-for-money plans to get ahead of Diwali 2022

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Airtel vs Jio vs Vi Prepaid Plan, Diwali 2022: Traveling this festive season? Or maybe you are just on the move for the next few weeks. Either way, you may need more data than usual on your mobile plan, along with headroom for a lot of calls and messages ahead of the festivities.

If you’re someone who uses one of Airtel, Jio or Vodafone Idea’s unlimited calling plans, you’re good to go. If not however, here are some value-for-money short term plans that should sort your data, calling and messaging needs over the next few weeks.


Airtel offers the Rs 209 plan which offers 1GB per day with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day for 21 days. This is a good plan for travelers as it has enough data for most users that’s refreshed every night. You also have unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day for all the coordination, wishing and casual calls.

If you don’t need as much data, you can even consider the Airtel Rs 155 and Rs 179 plans which offer 1GB and 2GB total data for 24 and 28 days respectively. If you already have a valid unlimited plan, and just need more data, you can also check out data booster packs. The Rs 148 plan gives you 15GB data over your existing validity, while the Rs 118 plan gives you 12GB, Rs 98 gives you 5GB and Rs 58 gives you 3GB data.

Reliance Jio

The Jio Rs 149 plan offers 1GB data per day for 20 days along with 100 SMS per day and unlimited calling. The Rs 179 and Rs 209 plans offer the same benefits for 24 days and 28 days respectively. There’s also a Rs 155 value plan that offers unlimited calling for 28 days and 2GB total data.

Jio also offers some data booster plans for users who just need more data. Users can get an additional 2GB for Rs 25, 6GB for Rs 61 and 12GB for Rs 121.

Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea offers a Rs 269 plan that gives users 1GB day per day for 28 days with unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. A Rs 234 plan offers the same benefits for 24 days, while a Rs 199 plan offers the benefits for 18 days. It also offers the Rs 149, Rs 155 and Rs 209 plans that offer 1GB total data for 21 days, 1GB total data for 24 days and 4GB total data for 28 days respectively.

For those only looking for extra data boosters, Vi offers a Rs 151 plan with 8GB data for 30 days along with a Disney+ Hotstar membership, a Rs 82 plan that offers 4GB data for 14 days and a Rs 118 plan that offers 12GB data for 28 days. There’s also a Rs 58 plan that offers 3GB data for 28 days, a Rs 39 plan that offers 3GB data for 7 days, a Rs 29 plan that offers 2GB data for 2 days, and a Rs 108 plan that offers 6GB data for 15 days.

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