ALERT! Avoid doing these 5 things or WhatsApp will ban your account

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WhatsApp has always been on the radar when it comes to questions about users’ security and safety. The Meta-owned messaging platform often gets targeted by scammers and hackers and even spreads fake news. To control malicious activities, WhatsApp frequently releases security updates and privacy services. The instant-messaging app deploys a combination of security measures and spam detection technology to keep users safe from scammers and other suspicious accounts

When a WhatsApp account user gets involved in spam, scams or violates the Terms of Service by the platform, the company blocks and bans the user number. According to WhatsApp’s monthly user safety report, over 2.3 million Indian accounts were banned in the month of August.

But sometimes, accounts get banned by mistake or if users unknowingly do something which is against the privacy policy. So it is always suggested to be careful while sending messages and media on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has also laid down some important tips which will prevent user accounts from getting banned.

Tips to prevent your account from getting banned on WhatsApp

Don’t forward anything if you aren’t sure whether the message holds truth or is backed up by a legit source. WhatsApp has already limited the forwarding of messages to up to five chats at one time. If a message has already been forwarded, users can forward it to up to five chats, including a maximum of one group.

Avoid automated or bulk messages as you can be filtered out as a spammer. WhatsApp is said to use machine learning technology and reports from users to detect and ban accounts that send unwanted messages.

Limit the use of sending messages through broadcast lists. Frequent use of sending broadcast messages may lead people to report your messages. And if your account is reported multiple times, WhatsApp will ban your account.

Respect privacy and always set boundaries. Never add users to groups which they don’t want to be in. Also, refrain from messaging if someone has asked you not to. You might get reported by the other user and WhatsApp will later block your account if reported multiple times.

Don’t Violate WhatsApp’s Terms of Service. Never publish falsehoods or engage in illegal, defamatory, intimidating, or harassing behaviour. WhatsApp has mentioned all the user guidelines under “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section.

If by chance your account gets banned on WhatsApp you can reach out to them via email or request a review. WhatsApp will send you a mail and notification if your account gets banned.

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