You can send Whatsapp Message to anyone without typing, just follow these 5 Steps

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WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: All the work can be done only from WhatsApp. Then be it chatting or audio or video call. Sometimes it happens to you that you want to message someone, but you don’t feel like typing. Especially when you want to send a big message to the people in front of you and not give pain in the fingers. At this point it seems that the only thing to do is to talk on the phone. But did you know that a message can be sent just by speaking without typing? It may sound strange to you, but people who know this trick can easily send a message without typing. Let us tell you how this happens.

This is how to send Whatsapp Message without typing

1. By opening WhatsApp, you first open the chat of the person to whom you want to send the message.
2. After opening the keyboard you will get the option of microphone. Clicking on it will activate your microphone.
3. Remember that this microphone does not have a camera icon, there is also an icon below it. This will make this feature work.
4. GIF has a plus sign next to it, you will find this microphone there.
5. Then whatever you say will start typing. You can send it after writing that line in full.

Videos can be muted and sent

WhatsApp has recently launched this new feature. Users have to think before sending many videos to another user, if they do not want to send voice. This app is very useful. This will allow users to mute shared videos before sending them.

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