Amazon Recruitment 2022: Get ₹ 70000 / month by working with Amazon for just 4 hours, know what to do

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Apart from hard work, there is also a lot of earning in this. This option is very good for the unemployed. Especially when they have to do this work for the world’s largest online shopping company. There are no restrictions in this job. If you cannot do full time job then you can also do it part time. Let us know what to do..

Who are Delivery Boys?

Delivery boy or delivery girl is called those boys and girls who reach the products or packages of online or retail companies to the customers. Delivery boy takes the package from Amazon’s warehouse and delivers it to the customers. Delivery boys across the country deliver lakhs of packages daily. A delivery boy has to deliver 100 to 150 packages in a day.

Delivery takes place in the range of 10-15 kms

Amazon has about 18 centers in Delhi. Amazon has centers in most such cities. All packages are delivered to the customer’s address. Packages are delivered in an area of about 10-15 kms from Amazon Center.

How many hours is the shift?

The delivery boy does not have to work the whole day. Only those packages come in the part of the delivery boy which are from his area. However, Amazon delivers from 7 am to 8 pm. Delivery boys of Delhi say that they deliver 100-150 packages in a day in about 4 hours.

What is required to make a delivery boy?

You must have a degree to become a delivery boy. If the school or college is passed then it is mandatory to have a passing certificate. You must have your own bike or scooter to deliver. Bike or scooter insurance, RC must be valid. Also, the applicant should have a driving license.


You can directly apply for the job of Delivery Boy on Amazon’s site Apart from this, applying for a job can be done by visiting any center of Amazon. In most of the centers the place of delivery boy is always vacant. But, even if there is no space, your name can be registered for future. You will get the place when the place is made.

Register yourself online

To do the job of delivery boy in Amazon, you can register through your email id. For this, fill the complete form properly, do not leave any information. Also read the Terms of Service carefully. The company asks you for a background check, don’t deny it.

Will the company give you the vehicle?

If you have your own scooter and bike, then you will have to use your own vehicle for delivery of selected products. If you want to deliver big products, then the company also provides you big vehicles on certain conditions.

Can deliver anything of your choice

Delivery boy has to deliver both at office and at home. However, it is the delivery boy who decides which products he has to deliver. From small items, you can also deliver fridge, TV, AC. Big vehicles are needed for this, Amazon provides big vehicles.

The company will also teach work

After hiring, the company will also inform you about how to deliver the product. Which products have to be delivered on time? Meaning the entire training related to delivery is given by Amazon.

Is the job permanent or contract?

The job of delivery boy in Amazon is neither permanent nor on contract. You can leave the job whenever you want. At the same time, the company can also remove it based on your performance.

What is the salary of Amazon Delivery Boy?

Amazon delivery boy gets regular salary every month. In Amazon, delivery boys get a fixed salary of 12 to 15 thousand rupees. The cost of petrol is yours. But, 15 to 20 rupees are available for delivering a product or package. According to the delivery service provider, if someone works for a month and delivers 100 packages daily, then one can easily earn 60000-70000 rupees a month.

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