LPG Gas Subsidy: Modi government is giving subsidy of Rs 200 on gas, know how you will get benefit

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Aadhar card is one of the most important documents for the people of the country. Whether to open an account in a bank or to get KYC done or to get a new ration card, it is very important to have Aadhar card with you for getting a driving license to taking subsidy to buying a new SIM card. But it is very important for you that the information filled in your Aadhaar is correct. Because if the name, address is wrong or its spelling is wrong, then you can also be deprived of many benefits.

If your name or address has been printed wrong in your Aadhaar card or you want to change the spelling in name and address, then before going to the Aadhaar center, read this news once. Actually, it is seen in small towns that in the name of update in Aadhaar, people of the center charge arbitrary money. In such a situation, UIDAI has told that who has said how much fee will have to be paid for which update at the Aadhaar center.

What information did UIDAI give

UIDAI, the issuing authority of Aadhaar, has given information about this by tweeting how much fee will have to be paid for which update in the Aadhaar center. UIDAI has stated that Aadhaar enrollment is free. It has also said that Rs 50 will have to be paid for any demographic update in Aadhaar and Rs 100 for biometric update. UIDAI has also said in its message that, if you are charged extra at the center, you can email toll free number 1947 or [email protected] for more information.

What is Biometric and Demographic Update

The question arising in the minds of many people is that what is biometric and demographic update. Actually, under the demographic update, you update your name, address, gender, date of birth, mobile number and email from the Aadhaar center. For this, only 50 rupees will have to be paid as a fee. At the same time, in the biometric update, there is updation of fingerprints, photographs and iris. For this a fee of Rs 100 has to be paid.

Can update both simultaneously

The biggest thing is that if you go to the Aadhaar center, then you can get both the work i.e. biometric and demographic updates done simultaneously. And for this you will not have to pay 150 rupees. If you update the biometric, then you can update all the details including name, address in it. For this you will have to pay only Rs 100 as a fee.

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