CBSE Class 12 term-2 History board exam 2022: 10 highly useful tips to score full marks

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CBSE Class 12 term 2 History board exam 2022: Board exams are a sort of passage for students looking to enter higher education. Many students feel anxious and nervous at the prospect of taking these all-important exams, but proper preparation and thorough revision conducted with the right planning, discipline, and attitude will take away the stress. The Class 12 CBSE term 2 History board exam is scheduled to be held on June 10, 2022, for the current academic session.

Here are a few handy tips to score well in the Class 12 Term 2 History board exam 2022.

1. NCERT books are rightfully regarded as the best preparation for the CBSE exams. So, give NCERT books a thorough reading.

2. Read out loud as you read the text. That way, the possibility of retention increases manifold.

3. Be familiar with the format of the question paper and prepare accordingly.

4. Examine previous years’ question papers and identify the often repeated questions and prepare answers to them.

5. The source-based questions can get a little tricky to answer at times. Write your answers to these questions based on a wholesome understanding of the concept.

6. Draw mind maps and create timelines on your own. This can be particularly helpful as this enables one to remember historical events and the sequence of their occurrence easily. Also, make your own notes for as many topics as possible. The best advantage of preparing your own notes is the fact that, in the process of preparing, you actually end up studying the topic thoroughly.

7. Practise maps regularly. While attempting the map question, places should be located as accurately as possible and labeled in a neat manner.

8. It is very important to time yourself. Divide your time judiciously while attempting the question paper so that no questions are left unanswered due to lack of time. Take practice tests regularly to work on your time management skills.

9. Students must ensure that their answers are presented in a comprehensible and easy-to-read format. Enhance the presentation of your answers by highlighting the important points, preferably with a pencil.

10. State-specific facts in your answers and do not beat around the bush. While checking the answer sheets, what the examiner looks for is the fact of whether you have the key points in your answer.

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