JKBOSE: Class 10th SST marks scoring tips, Check the Tips here

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Here are a few effective scorer-tips for your S.st. Subject that will surely help you score a complete 90/100 in the easiest way possible:

1) O/A is the Gospel:-

The pattern of your social studies paper is set in such a way that almost 90/100 marks are just obtained from the conceptual question-answers and so that is what you should have your prime focus on when aiming high.

2) Late for Dates:-

One of the usefultips when trying to score high in S.st is that pick the type of notes in which there are no or minimum number of dates and timelines to remember. But, we understand it can be hard for you to find the perfect notes for you, so we at Kashmir Student Update have provided you with potentially the best S.st-Notes with minimum timelines and dates. Just memorise them by heart and you are Good to Go.

3) Use Points:-

You might have observed that this very article you are reading right now is written in points even though it would have been easier to write this in a Single Paragraph. The thing is that this makes things attractive and catchy. So this is how you should write your answers in your board examinations. A quick-scorer extra tip would be to write atleast the same number of points in an answer as the number of marks it carries or even more would be even better.

4) Highlight:-

If you are aiming for that extra 10 marks that aren’t covered in the textual questions , you would have to say read all the lessons and what you can do to get things in handy is that you highlight the things you feel are important and when the exams are near, you just have to study the Highlighted points. And Boom! you just saved yourself tons of precious time during the exam time.

More Points to remember during preparation:

  • Focus on Model papers Instead Of previous Year Question papers.
  • Learning/Revising Only Question/Answers Of Textbook Not enough This Year.
  • Read Text Book And Get Concepts of Topic.
  • Remember Important Dates and Events.

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