Aadhaar Card Update: Now get Aadhaar services with just one SMS; here’s how

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New Delhi: In India, the Aadhaar card has become an obligatory document without which you would be unable to perform any government or non-government activity. You can get practically all of the information you need from your phone. However, a sizable portion of the population in the country still does not have access to the internet. Keeping such people in mind, UIDAI has introduced a function that allows you to access a variety of services without using the internet.

UIDAI has launched a number of Aadhaar-related services that may be accessed by SMS. You do not need to use the Internet to access the UIDAI website, nor do you need to download the Aadhaar app. This does not even necessitate the use of a smartphone. These services are available to anyone, even if they only have a basic feature phone with no internet access.

Users can use this particular feature to access a variety of Aadhaar-related services, including the development and retrieval of Virtual ID (VID), locking and unlocking their Aadhaar, and biometric locking and unlocking. By sending an SMS from your registered mobile number to the hotline number 1947, you can take advantage of whichever feature or service you choose.

Generate Virtual ID like this

1. To create a Virtual ID, go to your mobile’s message box.

2. Send GVID (SPACE) and the last four digits of your Aadhar number to 1947.

3. Now to get your VID, type- RVID (SPACE)

4.Enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar number.

5. You can get OTP in two ways. First through your Aadhaar number, second through your VID.

6. For Aadhaar to OTP type- GETOTP (space) and enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar.

7. For VID to OTP type – GETOTP (space) and enter the last 6 digits of your official virtual ID in SMS.

How to Lock and Unlock Aadhaar

With only one SMS, you may now lock or unlock your Aadhaar. No one can use your Aadhaar if you do this. You can lock it at any time and unlock it when you’re ready to utilise it. You’ll need a VID to lock your Aadhaar.

Lock Aadhaar through SMS like this

1. Go to TEXT in the first SMS and type ‘GETOTP’ (SPACE) and your Aadhaar number’s last four digits.

2. The second SMS should be sent as soon as the OTP is received. Enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar (SPACE) six-digit OTP in this LOCKUID (SPACE).

How to un-lock Aadhaar through SMS

1. In the SMS box, type ‘GETOTP’ (SPACE), then your VID’s last six digits..

2. Write UNLOCK (SPACE) and the last 6 digits of your VID (SPACE) 6 digit OTP in another SMS.

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